Guild Events

1) Art Contests - Fairly straight forward. I'd like to host contests every so often with in-game rewards for our members. Anyone would be able to join and vote, but they won't be permitted to vote for their own work.
2) Writing Contests - Same general idea as the art contest. Writing something, people vote, winner gets rewards. Eventually want to have seperate sections for poetry and stories.

3) Discord Karaoke - We want to set up a guild karaoke event. Not a contest, but something for people to just have fun with. You can sing whatever you want, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild's rules about sexism, racism, etc.
**The art and writing contests are open to all community members, not just specific to the game. Meaning that someone in another branch could win. Since the karaoke is over Discord, this is also open to all community members, not just those on FF14.**
4) Lottery/Raffle - This is pretty simple. Having a raffle within the community. Several winners most likely, with half the total money raised being used to help fund the community. Bank, gearing members, etc.
5) Hide and Seek! - Community hide and seek event in one of the major cities. Prizes will be given to the winners. This is done outside of party so that it can't be used to locate players and instead it is done by giving hints.
6) Hunts  - Under Co.

7) Maps - Doing maps together!
8) Guild Dungeons - Running dungeons as a community. This will be done mostly for fun. We can also use this to help level lower players, or help them obtain gear if they need it. This will also include hard mode dungeons.
9) Guild Trials - These are sort of like mini one-boss events with nice loot, including chances for primal mounts from EX trials, and the hard mode trials being used for obtaining relic weapons.
10) Guild Raids - Raid nights!!!
11) Palace of the Dead - A night of us doing PotD together in as many parties as we can manage to have going at once.

12) Heaven on High - This is a 61+ version of PotD, basically. Same basic idea. Lots of murdering things in deep dungeons.
13) Player vs Player - PvP weekly events. We are mostly Maelstorm focused. This uses "The Wolves' Den" mode under the PvP tab in the duty finder. (All PvP modes require DoW or DoM, and that class being level 30.)
14) Guild PvP Tourtament - There is a dueling option in Wolves' Den Pier. We can use this to host tournies, with the winner receiving a prize!
15) Roleplay Nights - A night of guild roleplay that will mostly be used to further the IC storyline of the guild, as a meet and greet, or just a general adventure roleplay event.
16) Storyline Night - A night of guild roleplay that will mostly be used to further the IC storyline of the guild. This may not be weekly, however. It depends what is going on ICly for us at that point in time (Campaigns take time to write, after all!)
17) Eorzea and Dragons! (EnD) - This is going to be DnD, but inside FF14! It will be in-character, and will have an adventure for that night planned. We will have it trade off between people leading as well so everyone can get a chance to create and organize something!
18) Casual Roleplay Nights - A more relaxed RP event open to the guild as well as other members of FF14 while being hosted by us. This is mostly used to served as a meet and greet ICly as well as a way to network with other RPers not just in our community, but the FF14 RP community as a whole.

Times are on a 24-hour format and are posted in Eastern Time.


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