Roleplay Information

Hierarchy: (Roleplay info only. OOC admin won't be listed. So there will only be one Co-Leader rank here. The Second in Command.)

Leaders - Kiyoh Nhodi

Second in Command - 

Sentinels - 


Allegiance - Maelstorm

Alignment - Neutral

The Silver Eagles is an adventuring organization that Kiyoh Nhodi formed so that she would be better equipped to help the people of Eorzea and explore the world. As an adventuring organization "The Silver Eagles" takes on different jobs, some good, and some not so good. They've hunted monsters, escorted people, done security, etc. 

As an adventuring organization, this also means that they do many things IC that some people may not. Hunts, leves, things of that nature that people who are adventurers would often do. This may even include dungeons or raids, but maybe not. It depends on the party at the time, as well as lore (Which Kiyoh is still learning OOC).

NOTE: Nothing is REQUIRED! These are all just aspects of what we do IC, and not everyone is going to partake in them. Please respect the wishes of other members!

Joining In-Character:

We are having it that there are flyers posted in each adventuring guild in the cities that "The Silver Eagles" is looking for new members, and we're thinking of having an introduction type thing on one of the RP events each week for new poeople in-character. This is how we are going to handle people joining the Free Company in-character that have not done so otherwise.

We do ask that everyone joins out-of-character first, however. This is to see if you get along with everoyne in the Company and things of that nature. You could be the best rolepalyer in the world, but if you don't fit well in the Free Company, you won't have much fun. As the main goal of this Company is to have fun, both in-character and out, we want to make sure everyone gets along and enjoys spending time togehter.

The Silver Eagle's Fine System:

If a violation is deemed serious enough, such as harming or stealing from a guild member, than Kiyoh will hand the punishment out herself. This is often fines, or if deemed serious enough possible removal.

Fines that are handed out in-character are expected to be mailed to Kiyoh with real gil. The trade option is also acceptable. They won't ever be large, do not worry. The money will then be put into the company chest to go towards helping the company or company members with things. Company house, gear, etc.

Fines will not exceed 500 gil at the most. We don't want it to be a lot, but just something to add to the immersion in the game's roleplay.

Guild Specific Rules:

1) Do not steal from other guild members. (250 gil fine)

2) Do not harm other guild members. (500 gil fine)

3) Do not harm orphans. (Removal)

4) Do not steal from orphans. (250 gil fine)


These are being worked out OOC at the moment to ensure that players can get along OOC first to ensure that there are not OOC issues brought into roleplay. Nobody wants that, so this is a long process.

(Page is still under co.)

In-Character Roster:
Kiyoh Nhodi