Rules And Junk

These can also be found on our Discord server. They are the same as on there as they are the rules for the community overall. These cover all games that we have an active community on that the community's admin has allowed to be considered part of our community. We of course can't control if someone makes a branch on a different game or tries to impersonate us on another game, however. 

1) There is to be absolutely no harassing other members/players, whether they are in the community are not. This is cause for immediate removal. We understand that everyone jokes around sometimes, but there are certain lines that should never be crossed, especially if you've been warned before about it. Keep how others feel in mind. We wish to keep a positive image. Remember, your actions will reflect on us as a whole.

2) Do not "troll" people. It doesn't matter if they are in the community or just messing around in server or roleplay chat. This ties in with rule 1. Members are required to treat other players properly. There are absolutely no exceptions.

3) You are not permitted to block community admin. This is cause for immediate removal. We need to be able to do our jobs.

4) Please try to be active if you're in an in-game guild or inform us when you won't be on for an extended period or you may be removed. Nobody wants to see a sea of inactive players when they join and look at the roster. (You can rejoin later if you're removed because of this, don't worry.)

5) Do not cause drama. Take your problems with others to PM. This is common sense, but we've had issues with it in the past. Nobody wants to see members fighting.(edited)

6) If you have a problem with somebody here but do not want to take it to that person directly come talk to Admin about it. We will do out best to work it out. It is part of what we're here for. We don't want to see anyone fighting or unhappy here.

7) When in guild, Discord, or public chats, or partied with another member use English in that chat and attempt to use proper grammar (Obviously some mistakes will happen). This is an English speaking community. If you wish to use a different language do so in whisper or away from members, with those that understand the language. Otherwise it can cause the general community to feel excluded or unwanted. We want to be able to take part in conversations, and Admin also needs to be able to understand what is being said.

8) There are no racist jokes and/or riddles allowed on the forums we host.

9) For riddles on the forums give at least a week after the post time/date to reveal the answer if nobody has gotten it correct. If someone has been correct, wait twenty-four hours from the time of the correct answer to give others a chance as well. These are minimums. Extra time is, of course, permitted. Everyone should get a chance to try to figure out the answer. 

10) Never pressure anyone into revealing things that they are not comfortable revealing about their life. This means names, their gender, location, etc.(edited)

11) Use your main character (FF14/RS3) or account name (GW2/BattleNet/Steam/BDO Family Name) on the server. This helps keep track of people.

12) Under no circumstances are erotica stories or poems permitted on our forums. It is fine to share them privately, but also remember there are a few minors in the community. We will not risk legal action against our community for exposing minors to pornographic material. There is also to be zero mention of ERP, Eroticia, etc., or any forms of links shared. Again, we have minors.

13) Respect the Admin at all times. In game, on our website, in private, etc. They work very hard to make this a fun experience for everyone, and we spend a lot of time improving the quality of the community.

14) No phone sex type conversations over our voice programs in public rooms.

15) This should go without saying, but we have had issues in the past with people bringing it up. There is to be zero talk of drugs or drug paraphernalia in chat.

16) Profanity is permitted. If you do not want to see it, there is a filter in game. It is also permitted on Facebook, on our website, and on our discord. We are not a G rated guild. We just require people to use common sense when communicating and never try to offend somebody.(edited)

17) Roleplayers read the roleplay page on our site if you are a member in-game. It has specific RP information for the guild and roleplay rules that are expected to be followed in-character and IC punishments if they are broken.

18) There are people in the community that do not roleplay. Treat them same as everyone else. Regardless of whether someone RPs or not, they are still a person, and they still have feelings.

19) There is to be absolutely no PKing done by any member of the community on games that have such a feature (Such as BDO). You can always defend yourself, but you are not permitted to PK to "protect your grind spot". Do not PK anyone to take their spot, either. You may not kill another player outside of duels or arenas. We do not PK.

20) You are not permitted to have ERP type messages in your search info on games with this feature (FF14, BDO, etc). Your image represents the community as a whole, and we are not a brothel nor do we condone ERP being your only actions in game.

21) Creative Mode is not allowed on our Minecraft realm by Operators!

22) Use #self-promo for any of your Twitch streams or YouTube videos. Don't self-advertise outside of that. #sponsored_twitch is for community sponsored content chosen by Admin. 

23) Breaking ToS is cause for immediate removal from the community.

24) Admin are expected to enforce these rules.If this is going to be an issue for you, then let Panda know so that she can demote you to prevent any further issues.

25) Admin's word is final. If you are caught breaking a rule, it's their job to handle it. Everyone is expected to follow the rules, and accept the punishment if they break them. They are admin because they earn it, so please, show them the respect they deserve

*By being a member of this community you agree to follow these rules. We have an upstanding image, and would like to keep it that way. They will be enforced.*